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The Watergate Scandal and Richard Nixon

President Richard Nixon had run a campaign that seemed well enough in meaning, but some knew his tactics were dirty. He used false information and accusations against his opponents to win votes. Once he had become president, he discarded his promise to make peace in Vietnam and became the president to drop the most bombs. Perhaps the biggest problem Nixon faced while in the White House was the Watergate Scandal. Nixon and the government under him took part in horrible illegal activities. Burglars broke into the Democratic Party headquarters and stole documents, they also broke into a psychiatrist's office and stole the confidential records on someone that Nixon did not like. Telephone lines were tapped, money was gathered and used illegally, lies were told, and taxes were used against Nixon's enemies. People were even getting spied on! When these horrid things became known, hush money was paid to keep people quiet. This scandal was called Watergate because the Democratic Party headquarters were in Washington's Watergate Apartments. Luckily though, two reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, used their freedom of the press rights and let America know of the wrongdoings through the Washington Post.
Finally, Nixon and 56 men in his administration were convicted of Watergate-crimes and an impeachment was organized in Congress. Nixon knew this was coming, so he resigned before he could be impeached. The first president to resign mid-term.
Despite the horrible things Nixon did, he also had a feeling that cooperation of other countries was necessary. He visited China and Russia to make connections with the leaders, and show that America wanted harmony.

Jimmy Carter

Before Carter, Gerald Ford was brought into the presidency because of Nixon resigning. When it was time for Ford to leave office, Jimmy Carter came in. Many people laughed at the idea of Carter going far in politics. He had been just a peanut farmer, but surprisingly became governor of Georgia after graduating the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. It was all up from there. During Carter's presidency, he seemed to have bad luck. First, an energy crisis broke out in the U.S. Suddenly oil and gasoline were at extremely high prices! As if that wasn't enough, the shah was then overthrown in Iran. Taking over after him was Ayatollah Khomeini, who had a deep hatred for America. He captured some Americans and held them hostage for 444 days. Carter's rescue mission failed, and seemed very poorly planned. On top of all of that, the Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan. When the U.S. showed their disapproval of this invasion, relations with Russia became colder.

Through all of this, Carter did become a peacemaker for Egypt and Israel, he gave the Panama Canal over to Panama, and he supported measures to protect the environment.

Richard Nixon

Jimmy Carter

Gerald Ford

Ayatollah Khomeini